A most precious spritual treasure

Honoured worldwide

Pioneering on national and international level

Professional Yoga Training

with Śri Yogācārya Ajīta Mahārāja since 1984

Pioneering on national and international level

To improve the quality of the Yoga education Ajita started his Yogaschool in Amsterdam in 1984. In that time Yoga was synonymous to physical postures and relaxation. He has succeeded to bring the whole Yoga science under the attention of the people. He was the first to introduce the moral principles and ideals, the energy control, the detachment, the concentration, the meditation and the contemplation as fundamental parts of Yoga next to the physical postures. He has formed many hundreds of teachers, working in many countries.

Since October 2004 Ajita is appointed Honorary Secretary of the International Yoga Federation for the European Union. As the President of the European Yoga Council he thereby coordinates the Yoga Teacher Training Courses in 48 european countries.

In South-Korea, Seoul, Ajita has given his whole Professional Yoga Training with succes in English to a group of Ron Katwijk, from the Magic Pond Yogaschool. Thereby Ajita has used a webcam on his computer in Ilpendam (Holland). By doing so he has produced evidence that the modern technology of videochat can be fairly used for Yoga classes. Now the Yoga science can spread all over the world, up to the most remoted places. Ron's e-mail address is: yoga@magicpond.co.kr, website: www.magicpond.co.kr 

Since June 2007 Ajita offers all his knowledge. You can buy his books and some of them can be downloaded for free. Now everybody can learn Yoga in the world.

In the spring of 2008 Ajita exposed publicly a group of false Yoga teachers working in 15 countries from Romania under the name MISA or NATHA. They were immediately expulsed from the International Yoga Federation.