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The knowledge Ajita received is meant for you

Ajita, the founder of The Raja Yoga Institute, received his knowledge of Yoga directly from his soul. According to tradition this is the highest form of teaching. However, during many years he was skeptic and checked out the value of that fantastic information. To his own amazement every bit of it proved to be true, logically structured and effective in practice.
The vision, that he had of a complete model of the subtle anatomy of a human being in 1987, later appeared to be the necessary base to understand all the holy scriptures, not only those of Yoga, but also those of Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism...

What are the characteristics of our Institute?

The goal of The Raja Yoga Institute is to spread the revealed secrets of the original science of Yoga all over the world. The Institute started in 1984 in Amsterdam with two small classes of pupils. Now it is a leading teachers training center, with many different training sites.

The Raja Yoga Institute has a scientific approach. The training is based on continuous registration and testing of the age-old experiments. The enormous value of Yoga for society is proven beyond any expectation.

The Raja Yoga Institute respects tradition. The exact meaning of the old Holy Scriptures is the base of the training. The key to understanding the scriptures is the legendary twilight language (Sandhya Bhasa). Ajita has discovered how to translate this language. Only a seer (Rishi) is able to do that. In the Training Course you will learn to understand and translate yourself.