Breakthrough in struggle against ageing

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Breakthrough in struggle against ageing?

During the Eurocongres Yoga 2007 of the International Yoga Federation in Kopenhagen Ajita gave on the 20th of May 2007 a lecture on a special yoga  technique which can stop the ageing of our body and even can start a regeneration:

"There is a remarkable story in the bible. The Jew were oppressed in Egypt. Moses could liberate them, but the Farao did not allow them to take anything with them on the way back to their country. So they travelled through the desert without any food and nothing to drink. Then Moses taught them a technique in which they could pass the test. Thereby he promised them something like "the land of milk and honey".

In the original description of a special energy-control-exercise of yoga, called Khecari Mudra, are similar indications with the same words found: Summarized "Install a state of mind without thinking in your forehead Chakra, feel the unlimited space in your throat and welcome the Shiva energy, which taste of milk and honey". In that way you will come into paradise.

In Yoga this technique is known as the fountain of eternal youth. The throat center is the fountain and the energy which taste of milk and honey comes from Chandra Bindu, the moon-portal just about some 15 cm above your head. The consequences of a succesful exercise are amazing: your body will indeed be nourished, but then with subtle energy. Hunger and thirst are no longer there and your body will become younger and stronger.

Thousands of years ago this knowledge was present, as seen in the many other references in the ancient scriptures and legends. Just the correct translation and interpretation was missing. And that has happened now.

The value of this discovery, in fact re-discovery, can easily be tested. Just follow the above mentioned instructions. You will notice the result right away.