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Basic Training Course

with Śri Yogācārya Ajīta Mahārāja

You want to develop your Self completely? You are a beginner in Yoga? You are searching for a solid, spiritual training with a good preparation on moral, physical and emotional level? Our Basic Training Course offers you this since 1984, plus an initiation in the techniques of energy control, which have been kept secret until now. A better health and a longer life are the results. Try it and you will discover how lean, supple and strong you become with our age old proven system. Because of the soft and gentle approach it is suited for everybody.

The Basic Training Course started in 2021 for the 37th time with the 200 hours fulltime program in accordance with the standard specifications of the International Yoga Federation.

Afterwards it is possible to choose for the Teachers Training Course. This following higher course is called so, because most of the students are so inspired that they want to teach yoga.

The classes are normally given in the Dutch language. Classes in English are possible when the majority of the students is English speaking.

Suggestions for admission

  1. You have at least the age of 18 years;
  2. You are in good health;
  3. You are prepared to switch over progressively to vegetarian food and to drink less alcohol;
  4. You are free of serious addictions;
  5. You admire the virtues of austerity, sacrifice, control of thoughts and emotions, detachment, tolerance and chastity (sound sexual behavior).

The Basic training Course consists of:

40 weekly lessons of 3 hours spread over one school year and will start next year.

The program of one lesson is: