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Teacher Training Course

with Śri Yogācārya Ajīta Mahārāja

You have followed the Basic Training Course and you want to develop yourself further and to know everything about the spiritual background of the holy science of Yoga. Maybe you consider the possibility of teaching, but then in an enthusiastic and fundamental way.

In this Teacher Training Course the emphasis lays on Raja Yoga. Thereby we are lead by the statement of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, the bible of Hatha Yoga: "Someone cannot attain perfection in Raja Yoga without Hatha Yoga, neither perfection in Hatha Yoga without Raja Yoga".

The Teacher Training Course given by Ajita started for the 42nd time and and is largely exceeding the standard specifications of the 500 hours program of the International Yoga Federation.

The classes are normally given in the Dutch language. Classes in English are possible when the majority of  the students is English speaking.

You can receive the official certificate at the end.

Requirement for admission:

All participants must have attended and completed the Basic Training Course with success.

The Teacher Training Course consists of:

120 weekly lessons of 3 hours spread over 3 school years.

The total Teacher Training Course, together with the preliminary Basic Training Course, consists of a 800 hours program, divided in 480 contact hours and 320 hours self-study.

The 3yd year of the teachers training course will start from:

The program of one lesson is: