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Masters Training Course

with Śri Yogācārya Ajīta Mahārāja

You have reached the highest step of Yoga, contemplation (Samadhi), thanks to your efforts during the Teacher Training Course. After this mystic path to heaven, with Self-realization as the top, you now wish to try the magic path, which brings you back downwards to earth. You wish to improve the control of your intuition and eventually to attain total Self-control. You accept your growing paranormal powers as a natural phenomenon and you are prepared to help mankind.

The Masters Training Course is unique in the world, because it integrates all eight steps of Yoga and introduces the practice of the highest Yoga technique called Samyama, which enables you to reach Enlightenment. 

The Masters Training Course is meant to help you attain perfection in Yoga. The first time it started was in 1986. Since then tens of students have attended with success this highest Yoga Training Course in the world.

The classes are normally given in the Dutch language. Classes in English are possible when the majority of  the students is English speaking.

You can receive the official certificate at the end.

Suggestions for admission

You must have attended and completed the Teacher Training Course with success.

The Masters training Course consists of:

120 weekly lessons of 3 hours spread over 3 school years and will start on
 The 3rd year will start on

The program of one lesson is: