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Can Yoga do anything for you?

It may sound strange, but everybody can practice Yoga. Even you. All it takes is good will. You do not have to be young, lean or strong. Our systematic, age-old program takes care of everything, with the help of time. You follow your own tempo, within your specific capacities. Your teacher will help you.

Since very ancient time the sages of the East tell us that one can become happy and healthy by practicing Yoga. However, they did not mean a superficial, only physically oriented Yoga, but the complete, classical Yoga training, with all the different Yoga styles included.

Our school, The Raja Yoga Institute, is the first school in the world to offer this complete Yoga training since 1984. Our program is based on a traditional structure, thoroughly tested and very successful:

The theoretical background is based on the original Sanskrit-scriptures and the method of the old seers (Rishi's), which has always been used in all true Yoga-schools: trough realization of some unconscious aspects man can come to a better coordination, discover his real "I" and reach the highest levels of consciousness.

Although the content is very orthodox, the approach is special: you are free and you decide yourself what you want and when it suits you. Only thanks to these elements there is a possibility of growth of your intellect. The opportunity for Self-realization arises and maybe there is a possibility for mastership. Our school takes care of an open and challenging atmosphere.

Our combination of an orthodox content and an unorthodox approach has a refreshing result: your body is purified, healthier and stronger; your illnesses are remedied successfully and the quality of your concentration improves tremendously.

The results are impressive and for the first time in accordance with the original Yoga-scriptures. Yoga is not a stiff discipline anymore, but a living and fascinating adventure.

The totality of techniques, the method mentioned before and the approach have been thoroughly tested since 1984.

It is obvious that you have to consider a systematic training, if you want to develop in an harmonious way. The physical, moral, emotional, vital, mental and spiritual powers that you handle within your being are inseparably linked with each other. Growth in one or the other power results in an imbalance of the total. Unless you are able to cope adequately with the new situation.