Keys to Immortality

Keys to Paradise

The Keys to Paradise

Science of Soul

To reach paradise you need more as immortality. Longer life is not enough. You have to be happy also. But how can you become happy, and even more, stay happy?

You need explanation of the working and the control of all parts of your being. You understand thereby why the Yoga techniques are so effective. Because everything must first be under control when you want to install harmony and be happy. The old Seers (Rishi's) called that "Science of Soul". Since 1984 Ajita gives his fantastic knowledge and realizations of that subject in his Professional Yoga Training.

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Yoga Sutra's

And you need explanation of the eight steps of Yoga, the goal and the reason why Yoga can make your life so meaningful. The age old systematic description of Yoga by the world renowned Patanjali can help you. From the beginning that book, the "Yoga Sutra's of Patanjali", has therefore taken the most important place in Ajita's Training Courses. You can now enjoy Ajita's incomparable translation and comments on that book, which are based upon his highest realizations. Could misery really disappear from this world after all? Such nice thing you certainly do not expect.

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