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Professional Yoga Training

with Śri Yogācārya Ajīta Mahārāja since 1984

Yoga is not about relaxation, but about control of life. And it is only because of that control that you can develop completely. We are the first to bring this very old and authentic approach back to life. With great success.

Only a few people know that Yoga consists of eight steps, with meditation and contemplation as top. This is described by the sage Patanjali a very long time ago. The eight steps of Yoga are: moral principles and -ideals, physical postures, energy control, detachment, concentration, meditation and contemplation. In our school you systematically follow these eight steps: you first receive a Basic Training Course, followed by a Teachers Training Course and then a Masters Training Course. The goal is to develop yourself and eventually reach Enlightenment. Even if you have no intention to teach, you can join us. Practice has shown us that many started to teach Yoga after the Course. That is why it is called Teacher Training Course.

The Training is just as thousands years ago. There are many references to the classic Sanskrit literature. However you will soon notice that the emphasis lays on the exercises and the lively experience, and not on the rich literature. That is because especially the exercises are important for your development. Your health improves. You work on your self and you feel better and better. Even your dreams come true.

Welcome to the Raja Yoga Institute, recommended by the International Yoga Federation, and improve your Yoga practice with our free books.