Keys to Immortality

Keys to Paradise

The Keys to Immortality

Subtle Anatomy

The human being does not only consist of a physical body. Everybody knows that there is also thought, emotion an intuition, but until now nobody was able to tell you clearly how these aspects of energy fit together. Nobody was aware of the exact relation of spirit and matter. Ajita has received these principles of life piece by piece on a wonderful way. The information flow started in April 1987 because he wished to know what the relation was between energy-bodies and Chakra’s… He offers you this precious spiritual treasure.

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Hatha Yoga Pradipika

As a result, Ajita also discovered in 1989 the true meaning of the old Yoga scripture called the "Hatha Yoga Pradipika", the bible of Hatha Yoga, written by the sage Svatmarama. It appears that the book explains how you can control life and reach immortality. During many years Ajita successfully tested the validity of this astonishing discovery. Because he is now completely sure that it is the truth, he can offer you this most precious spiritual treasure. But naturally you need here supervision of an expert teacher. Only then your success is guaranteed. So, please come to Ajita's Professional Yoga Training.This knowledge is meant for all men of good will. It will help solve all health problems on earth. And you can be part of this.

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Lessons Scheme

There are many problems before one can reach the goal. One of them is the practice. Which exercises and sequence of exercises are the best? Another problem is the theory. Which information is essential to reach immortality and stimulate Self realization? And when? Ajita offers you the essence of his 56 years experience: his complete 7 years "Lessons Scheme of the Basic-, Teacher- and Master Training Course" with all the exercises and theory, detailed per lesson, together with the suggested practice at home. This guide will help you make your dreams come true.

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