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Social advantages of our Professional Yoga Training

The advantages of our Professional Yoga Training for the (global) community are almost incredible: extensive scientifical research shows that even a part of this Training (meditation) is responsible for a decrease in criminality.
Because our complete approach of Yoga creates greater harmony in a human being, it can be an important instrument to improve our social welfare.
It can also be the ideal solution in our struggle against the high sickness rate in the working population. A better concentration can increase the productivity and the better physical, vital, emotional and mental equilibrium can decrease the huge costs for health care. The improvement of health and the longer life expectation can result in working longer. That could be the solution for the future pension problem. The very ancient, complete Yoga is solving our modern problems and offers us a happy and conscious future.

Personal advantages of our Professional Yoga Training

You discover the meaning of your life and learn to control it, so that you live many, many more years as normal. For example you learn to control your heart-beat, so far that you can lower it or increase it by sheer will with 20%. Ajita can show it to you. That means that you can remain youthful as long as you want. That means that you can spent the extra time you earned trough practice to attain Self-realization, Enlightenment and  Liberation in this life. These are not only words: in the past years a fistful of pupils have already reached some level of Enlightenment due to the Training. Many pupils have also shown their capacity in healing other people.

The prices for the training are as low as possible, to permit everybody, and even those with a small income, to acquire this divine knowledge. Because we are convinced that control of life is meant for everybody.

Our approach is free: you always decide yourself what you want to do. There is no such thing as a compelling discipline. Everything is based on an open and joyful attitude. Only with this method you have a chance to develop your discriminatory perception up to the level of contemplation and possibly reach Self-realization.

We ensure you with a lifetime Training needed to attain the goal of Yoga. After successful completion of the Teachers Training Course you can become Teacher of your own Basic Training Course. And after successful completion of the Masters Training Course you can become Master of your own Teachers Training Course.