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Masters Training Course

with Śri Yogācārya Ajīta Mahārāja

The subjects of the teachings include:

The first year: White Magic.

To have success in your enterprises was mostly a matter of luck, until now. Even the state of the art techniques of the best business schools cannot give you a warranty for success. White magic, which our Institute likes to translate as esoteric management, is a proven technique with 100 percent chance of success. The reason is that white magic uses the higher consciousness as a control tool of the process of creation and maintenance. The given knowledge is an incredibly powerful complement in your career as middle or top manager.

The second year: Esoteric Psychology.

As everybody knows, to master events and have total success in your enterprises you are depending of others. This year you learn to deal with the consciousness of other beings. The method of the seven rays constitutes the most formidable research tool to discover and control the intrinsic condition of every being. The common, superficial approach of the western psychology becomes obsolete.

The third year: Esoteric Healing.

Only now, you are able to cope with the highest control problem a human being can have: control over a wild animal. During this year you are confronted with one of the best possible examples of this problem: a sick man. Different energy techniques are proposed to you. Because you are now discriminating the energy condition of the patient, you are able to help accurately the patient, acting in favor of his development.


The purpose of the Masters Training-Course is to help you to acquire total control of yourself and your environment. The aim is also to give a substantial boost to your career.
The social purpose is to stimulate positively the development of mankind in accordance with the godly plan.

When you succeed in the Masters Training Course and you will obtain the traditional recognition of a Yoga-master it will be possible to become a master of your own Teachers Training Course..